What will we discover? 

I’m writing on my wp app today, so I’m using my timer loosely.

Shane and I are in Olathe Kansas for a Christian writers conference. Who knew?  I don’t even remember how I found the organization but I’ve been following them on Facebook for over a year. We’ve gone to one meeting. It was about copy writing laws and was excellent!

I’m sitting on a beautiful bed at an Airbnb home in the country not very far from the church where we’ll met for the conference and wondering what we’ll discover today. I’m going with no expectations of grandeur. Just going to learn and enjoy.

I am wondering what we’ll learn. Who we’ll meet and how all of this will fit together in our writing lives.

Best of all, 2 days with my man doing what we love- learning and being together.


We met a young man at dinner last night that won my heart. He wants to be a trauma surgeon for Doctors Without Borders.  It sounds like he’s had a difficult 18 years and seems to have faith but is searching for more. Will you join me in praying that Tyson will discover more about Jesus.


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