Thoughts From Sunday: Keep the Main thing the Main Thing

Happy Sunday afternoon!  I’ve been using the Sunday thoughts link up to mull over what I’ve been learning at church during the week.  Sometimes it’s from Bible Study, sometimes from Sunday School and other times from the sermon.

This past week, our new church home had it’s first ever missions week. Sadly we were unable to attend as often as we would have liked, we love missions and at one time thought we’d be serving Jesus on the mission field.   Even today, my heart stirred for the lost, but a wise friend and missionary told me several years ago that he brought the mission field to us in the way of 4 very different children from around the country and the world, so for now, that’s where we are–maybe some day though…

The speaker and his family had been missionaries in Moscow for several years.  They are in the United States and he is the missionary in residence at a local university right now.  He had so many good things to say but what struck me the most was how he spoke on keeping the main thing the main thing.  The fact is , it works where ever we are.  This is not an unfamiliar thought to me as I go about my day to day life. So I start with our speaker’s thought but expound my own thoughts as they come.

Since our missionary friend had spent time in Russia, he shared that he had a friend that believed Stalin was one of the greatest leaders ever and many other friends that believed the moon landing had been a hoax.  He realized that he didn’t need to convince them otherwise.  While most of us believe otherwise about Stalin and the moon landing, Scripture doesn’t speak about it. He didn’t have to convince them otherwise. That wasn’t the main thing.

The main thing is Jesus Christ, the son of God, fully God and fully man, on the Cross, in our place, taking our sin. With everything else, we can agree to disagree.

music styles

what we wear to church

public school/private school/homeschool

women working outside the home

alcoholic beverages

raising hands in worship


child-rearing techniques

young earth/old earth

women in ministry

legalization of marijuana


shacking up


Yes. God is very clear about some of these things.  Some of these things are sin, others are preferences.   Yes. The church should teach Scripture.  Yes the church should teach against sin.  But I can hold convictions on those things and for many of the things I mentioned and I should hold convictions about them.

But these are not salvation issues.

I fear sometimes we as Christians have to convince others that something besides Jesus on the cross is necessary for salvation.  It’s not.  Christ alone is necessary.   If I’m have a relationship with someone that believes something on this list (or something else) is acceptable, I don’t have to convince them otherwise.  I can share my belief and leave it.  It is God’s job alone to take care of it after that.

And those are my thoughts for today.



  • Sandra Black

    09/28/2017 at 4:58 am Reply

    True we need to focus on the main thing and not get hijacked off onto those other things that can take up so much of our time with others.

  • themomgene

    09/26/2017 at 9:57 am Reply

    I love this Christy! Yes! Let us all focus on the MAIN THING–the crux of salvation rather than waste time arguing over the nuances. God wants our full focus.

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