This is How We Roll

We were sitting around the dinner table tonight when Malachi asks, “do you want to hear a joke?”

Now I know some of the jokes he tells and I glance at my dearest who says, “he told it at cross country practice last night.”  That means nothing because there is still no telling where this is going.

I hestatently say yes.

“Do you know why black people don’t go on cruises?”

As I wonder what’s coming I say “Ummmmm…why?”

“Because we’re not fallin’ for that trick again!”

I wonder if this is the key to racism?   Laughing about it instead of getting offended. We’re way to sensitive these days.  Everything offends everyone.  Everyone has to correct everyone else.  This isn’t the way it has always been…and this sadly, is one of the ugly things about social media and the internet.

By the way, when all the lily white kids got it, they laughed right along with Malachi.

What other hymn can I post today but a great Spiritual?

Swing Low Sweet Chariot

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