The Lifelong Process to Grow

How’s your life?  How’s your walk?  Are you where you want to be in your faith?  I know I’m not.  I fumble and stumble and fail miserably.  I still struggle with things I shouldn’t.  I’m guessing you do too.  Some days I don’t feel as if I’ve grown at all in the last 25 years.

But you know what? That’s our human perspective talking to us.  God has us right where he wants us to be.   I have grown.  I am not the same person I was 25 years ago.  I’m justified yes, but still being sanctified and so are you.

How overwhelmed do you imagine we’d be if he allowed us to see all that we struggle with at the same time.  As I tell Tabitha, it would be too heavy for us to bear.  It would be too much for us to handle.  God is gentle with us.  He allows us to be sanctified over time.  He gives us what we can handle and he gives us the strength to overcome what he gives us.  Simplistic I know, because some of what he gives us seems to be more than we can bear but it’s not.

He is.  When we focus on his strength in us.  His Holy Spirit that lives in us, when we allow that Holy Spirit to work in our lives and hearts we are unstoppable.

In Glory, our sanctification will be complete.  We will have no need to grow.

Today’s hymn is from the Trinity Hymnal, written by Isaac Watts in 1719 based upon the 51st Psalm. Below is the passage from the KJV, just because the language is beautiful.

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