Surrendering What I don’t want to Surrender!

This has been a difficult season.  God is definitely teaching me about surrender, my one word for 2017.  This teaching is coming in ways I would have never dreamed.  I’m honestly not sure I’m a willing participant any longer, but I don’t thing God cares.  Yes, I know he cares, but He knows what I need to learn and he will continue to teach me.  I’ve always been up for a good challenge…

Like I said in my last post, once your blog is public you can’t take it back.

God has asked me to surrender my other blog.  The one with the name I’ve had for almost as long as we’ve lived in our current home.  It has posts from my children’s growing up.  It has a post about having to put our beloved dog to sleep back in 2006 right before Tabby came home.  In fact, I just ran across that post as I was searching to see if I had identified the church, person or town we’re no longer a part of by name on my blog.  Sad day, my heart flipped when I saw it.  September 20, 2006.

Because of this, that blog will be gone soon.  To a destination I won’t share with anyone.  I will likely never write there again.

Yes, I am sad to be saying goodbye to an era.  But glad that God began preparing me for this day.

In other news, I believe we’ve decided on a church home. God is so good to give us a loving body of folks who love Jesus and a Pastor that preaches the gospel and leaders that seek Him.


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