Simple or Easy?

I picked up a pretty devotional book a few months ago at my favorite used bookstore in Knoxville.  It was more expensive than I normally would have spent, even though we stash boxes of books to be traded for credit among the suitcases when we go to visit.  That means what we buy never costs money.  The devotional has slick, glossy pages with prettty pictures.  It’s something that I never would have allowed myself to buy in the past because, slick, glossy paged devotional books aren’t practical.

But this one is.  The pretty pictures of a porch swing, or a glass of tea on a white painted wooden slat table, or the flowers of a beautiful garden has added a new deminsion to my time spent within the pages.

This morning the author was speaking about the simple life many of us attempt to create when what we really long for is easy.

But life isn’t easy.

She was speaking in generalities, but my mind wandered to some specific instances in and around our life.

Friends betray.

Lies ruin.

Affairs happen.

Jobs are lost.

Cars break.

Computers have a life of their own.

Mommies die too young

Life doesn’t happen as you think it will. 

No, this life isn’t easy.  And truth be told, this life isn’t simple either.  Even when one attempts to simplifiy, there is always something that comes along to complicate things.

Some versions use the term “take heart, but I like the word courageous better.

I sit here realizing that whether it’s simple or easy we’re looking for doesn’t really matter, neither is absolutely attainable.  But with Christ I can have courage to overcome the ailments of life.  I can rest knowing  that Christ has conquored the fiery darts the evil one aims for my demise.   And sometimes that isn’t easy or simple either.  But He knows that too.

I give my best fruit.  Sometimes my best is pretty rotten.  But there’s no try harder.  There’s give your best.  Then there’s grace.  Forgiveness when you fail.  And that is the beauty of the Gospel.

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  • themomgene

    08/27/2017 at 8:23 am Reply

    Awww I love this Christy. We do out best and we hope we live the life God is calling us to live. It doesn’t mean perfect and it’s not going to be simple or easy, but it will be the trying that God asks of us. Blessings on your Sunday.

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