Out With the Old; in With the New

A new year begins tomorrow. 2017 has passed so quickly. They say that happens as one gets older. I never believed it but I’m beginning.

2017 was a year of surrendering. I’m not yet to the place of being thankful for those surrenders. However, I can see God at work through them.

Unless those stalkers looked, they didn’t find me. I’m thankful for that! I lost the blog home I love because I trusted people that couldn’t be trusted. That’s sad, but the blessings have overcome the loss. I feel free again to be me without concern of what might come back to haunt me.

So I begin this year in a new home. Ready to see what this year of 2018 holds.

I have chosen “love” as my one word this year. Their are many reasons.

The struggles with extended family I fear has left me somewhat hard hearted. This is not what I desire. I desire more than anything to please my Lord.

The struggle and abandonment by those I thought were friends threatens the same.

I have found myself turning inward. That’s not the way of Jesus.

Jesus says love your neighbors.

Love your enemies, bless those that curse you.

It’s not my job to weld punishment. Justice is God’s alone.

I need to return to my first love.



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