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I’m linking up with Kat again this week.  This prompts are below.

1. List 7 things you’d rather be doing this summer.
2. Describe a hobby you would pursue if you had an additional hour to spend each day.
3. Write a blog post inspired by the word: celebrate
4. Book review!
5. Your summer vs. Your kids summer

Cue Kool and the Gang…I thought about a post inspired by the word celebrate because I think I’ve finally figured out the theme I like, set up my Google Analytics  AND figured out how to allow comments in this new place.There was a little celebration dance  to the Trolls soundtrack  going on yesterday afternoon.

I thought about 7 things I’d rather be doing this summer but decided since my word this year is surrender I probably needed to put that prompt away and focus more on the tasks that God has given me to do this summer than on what I’d rather be doing….however, looking at Kat’s list….I think I could do all of those without surrendering very much at all…  Hawaii= fantabulous fun and great memories for me too…in fact sticking my feet in an ocean somewhere right now sounds  uh maz ing!

A book review?  I love books!  Every summer for as long as I can remember I’ve read books. When I was in high school, it was high brow Harlequin Romance novels (do they still publish those?)  as I matured, I advanced to Historical Fiction and Biographies (which I still love) but this is a busy season and I’m honestly hoping to read one entire book this summer. Right now several books are in my stack, one fiction, a couple of non-fiction and a couple of biographical type books.  But there’s not one that’s jumping out begging to be finished right away or reviewed. And that’s quite sad.  If you have any recommendations, please share.

Instead of helping Shane drive back from Knoxville a few weeks ago I decided to  make my way through an older book by Paul Burrell; A Royal Duty.   It was a well used copy I found in the free bin at our very favorite bookstore in the whole wide world.  McKay used books with 5, count ’em 5 locations to serve you.  Mr. Burrell worked for the Royal family for many years, including for Queen Elizabeth and then for Prince Charles and after their separation, for Princess Diana.  It was interesting enough in places, but a little slow in others.  I pushed through but felt like Mr. Burrell could have left out about a third of his words and the story would have been more enjoyable and more readable. Overall, I’m not disappointed that I read it, just wishing it had been a little less cluttered.

My summer vs kid’s summer?  Hmmm.  Today I’m alternating between replacing  hole filled screens (I’ve done one so far) and sorting through stuff to donate to the church garage sale in a couple of weeks. I’m also setting up this new writing home and I’m having to remember all the settings and tools that I thought I’d never need again after I had my other blog just the way I wanted it.  Don’t get me wrong.  It’s fun!  I love decorating the place and seeing my progress. It’s just time consuming.  But it is a nice break after I’m hot and sweaty from working.  I’m also headed to the Five Minute Friday Retreat in a couple of weeks where I’ll get to meet several online friends I’ve wanted to meet for some time.  We’ll get to hang out and enjoy God, coffee, hugs and time together for 2 entire days.  Bonus?  I have to drive less than 2 hours to get there.  Soon it will be time to consider school for the younger 3.  The math nemesis rears it’s ugly head again for older boy so it’s time to reconsider our game plan.  Before long, I’ll be hitting the library website to put several living books on hold for the upcoming year.

The kids?  They’re busy too.  The oldest just got hired at a nearby grocery store in the floral department.  She’s getting her wisdom teeth out tomorrow then heads to camp as a counselor on Monday along with the other 3 kiddos. Little girl goes as a camper, the others as counselors. Yes, Shane and I get 4 days previewing what an empty nest is gonna feel like.

Oldest boy is probably going to collapse before summer ends.  He’s working at a local Starbucks, spending 3 (4 day) weeks at camp and has an almost 2 week trip planned to Florida in August where he is supposed to have homework for his Teenpact Congress class finished before he boards the plane nearly a week early so he can hang out with his buddies at a lake house owned by one of the family’s near Tallahassee.  (I’m wondering why one would have a lake house that close to the ocean, but I’ve never lived that close to the ocean so what do I know?)  I’m also wondering when he’s gonna get that homework done? He’s one of my social kids, can you tell?

My youngest boy is prepping for cross country which begins in a few short weeks.  The coaches decided this year to make the 300 mile club 500 miles.  Yes, a short 30 something mile run each week in 90+degree heat sounds do-able to me.  Not really, but they didn’t ask me.  Malachi is thinking he wants to try it, but pre-season began this week and I have yet to see him take a run.

Little girl is alternating between the swing set, trampoline and bicycle and  wearing bright pink flashing cat ear headphones listening to Adventures in Odyssey and the Trolls soundtrack on her $2 CD player I found at a yard sale earlier this summer when heat and humidity get to be too much to bear even for an 11 year old.

A hobby I’d pursue if I had not an additional hour to spend a day because the truth is, I could probably do a lot more than I do now if only I would budget my time better.  I tend to follow squirrels.  I get started with a project, move to another room and start another project.  Upon returning to the previous place, I realize I never finished the first project.  An hour a day isn’t the problem with the hobby I’d like to pursue.  It’s the money that’s stopping me from doing it.  Ohhhh okay, not only the money but the fact that I have a husband and 4 kids that need me and have places to go and people to see.  Time and money limitations.

If I had unlimited resources, I’d have a little Bugeye Sprite on a trailer. I’d carry that car to the road racing track and I’d pull that little cutie pie out and drive her hard.  In my dream world, I’d compete with the men and leave’m in the dust.  But even though it’s not a physical sport like football, women don’t tend to fare as well on the racetrack as their counterparts.  Although in my auto-crossing days me and my VW did a respectable job holding our own.

Of course I’d have a crew to work on her because I know just enough about car repair to be dangerous, and definitely don’t remember enough from my younger years to keep a race car running at it’s prime.

If I made time for an hour a day, I’d be working on the book I should be writing.  Or learning more about painting or throwing pottery, but both of those also take time and money, so alas….I’ll have to stick to my used bookstore in Knoxville, or better yet, carving out the time to write that book.

There you go.  I couldn’t decide on just one prompt this week, so I used them all.



  • Kat

    07/14/2017 at 12:57 am Reply

    When I started my list of 7 things I felt the same way…like it felt a little ungrateful, so I had to make it fun instead. I need to catch up on my reading list! Your oldest son is going to need a vacation from his vacation when summer is over!

    • Christy

      07/14/2017 at 7:56 pm Reply

      You did a great job making it fun! I’m gonna need a vacation from my oldest son’s vacation HAHAHA.

  • mamasick

    07/13/2017 at 3:15 pm Reply

    You did a remarkable job using all the prompts! Two books I can recommend you reading are The Hollywood Daughter by Kate Alcott and Eleanor Oliphant is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman!

    • Christy

      07/14/2017 at 7:54 pm Reply

      Thanks for the recommendations! I’ve got them on hold at our library.

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