I Promise The Lawnmower Ate Them

I’m linking up with Mamakat again week.   As I was reading the list of available writing prompts, my husband was telling me a funny story.  One of the prompts is:

The last thing that made you laugh.

Since Shane was telling me a funny story as I was reading the prompt, I think I must share.

My youngest is a mess.  I mean an all out crazy girl who loves life.  Tries her best to get away with anything she can from sneaking a snack to not wearing her glasses.  A few weeks ago my Daddy was in town.  Since we were heading to Knoxville a few days after he left, she went with him so she could be spoiled a little, okay, a lot by my daddy and his wife.

Little girl does not like wearing her glasses. They are necessary and they do help her see.  But especially when she can get away with it, she takes them off.

With my parents she got away with  Until she lost them.    A hesitant phone call from my Daddy explaining that s he lost her glasses did keep her from getting in much trouble.  And I knew we’d find them, we always do.

Little girl knew she had done wrong. She claims she laid them on the steps of the deck when she got sweaty while riding her bike.  Sometimes she embellishes the facts. Especially when she’s trying to keep herself out of trouble.

My parents did recently get a new little dog, so it’s possible that little Abbey carried them off into the yard and buried them in the grass, but it’s probably more likely that little girl laid them on the r.v.

No matter, neither spot wasn’t the safest place.

Especially since my brother was mowing the yard that day.

We searched the house. The car. The deck. The shed. And any other place she might have been the last time they had been on her face.

We finally decided to walk the yard. We formed a reckless FOD (foreign object or debris) line.

And we found them.

In bits and pieces.

The lawn mower mauled them.  One chipped lens, one banged up arm and 3 or 4 pieces of the rim.

Good thing we’ve got a warranty.  America’s Best is the best place for kids glasses.  For the bargain price of $15 a year they offer a 1 year warranty for kids glasses.  Little girls is our second child to wear glasses. It’s paid for itself every. single. time.

My Superman took the ziploc bag with him to the store on Monday.

He explained what happened to the receptionist.

And again to the manager.

The manager then asks,”So do you need the frames only or frames and lenses?”

“I’m guessing since I only have one chipped lens we’ll need both.”

She agreed.

The new glasses should be ready next week.


His grace is sufficient,



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