God is Steady 

I’m a little late to the party, but I’m here.  The pastor at the church that barring any unforeseen circumstances, we will soon be covenanting with inspired this post.   I’m linking up with Kate and the gang at Five Minute Friday.  The word prompt is STEADY.

The world around us is ever changing. Nothing is certain except, they say, death and taxes. However if we are living. If we are breathing there is one more thing that is certain.

God is certain.

His love for us is certain.

He is steady. His love for us never changes and it never fails.

We know his love never changes, that’s easy.  But what does his love look like?  And this is a bit more prickly.  It’s not an oooey goooey love.  It’s not like people love. It doesn’t ebb and flow, here today gone tomorrow.  It doesn’t fail. No, I believe God’s love is incomprehensible until that day when we no longer have breath in us.  Then all will be made clear.

Disciplines is a part of his love.  Sometimes his discipline doesn’t look like love because it is painful  but a God without love, a God without discipline is apathetic.  An apathetic God is as good as no God.  Even we, as parents, know how to love and how to discipline, albeit rather unjustly whether it be too stiff or too lean.

God’s love must encompass justice along with compassion and mercy. It must. For if there was justice only we’d all be damned. Because that’s what we deserve. Eternal damnation.  If it weren’t for his mercy and compassion, we’d only know God’s wrath. I know it’s not popular or pleasant to speak of but it’s necessary. Without that, Jesus is unnecessary.  Neither is sin pleasant to speak of but it’s also necessary, for in the same way, if we had no sin, Jesus would also be unnecessary.  But sin entered the world through one man and we are left with the consequences .

Heaven came down in Christ to exhibit his mercy in the flesh.

Jesus Christ on the Cross once for the sin of all mankind.

It’s indescribable.  Unimaginable isn’t it?

Yet, it is.

And that place when the Holy Spirit reveals the need to one formerly blind is unimaginable as well.

Those on the outside don’t understand.  They can’t.  Unless…

Lord Jesus reveal yourself to those that cannot see.


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