Bittersweet Blessings

I’m linking up with the gang at Five Minute Friday where things are a little melancholy in my heart today.

This week’s word is BLESSING

I finally found the courage to go check my analytic’s account and discovered that my other blog continues to be stalked.  I also discovered that christian home life also had too many ghosts from the not distant enough past.

My word for the year: Surrender

Just today I’ve decided to surrender  homes kool mom.  Shane and I have decided to surrender christian home life.  They will not be renewed in August.  They will disappear into the neverland of cyberspace.  I’ve also surrendered the email address I’ve had for eons this week because I got hacked a couple of weeks ago I got down for much longer than it should have taken.

It seems as if God’s calling me to surrender a whole lot this year.

I’m still waiting to see the blessing.

No, that’s not entirely true. There’s have been blessings. So let me give you some positives.

Not only are we out, we have a new church home.  Yes!  This quickly!  When we had little hope of finding somewhere that fit us, God says “here you go!” And not only that, He gave it to us shortly after everything exploded.  We weren’t ready for it yet, but he left it sitting there for us.  Unless there’s something that we can’t see, we’ll be covenanting with them in membership soon.  The folks there are AWESOME!  They are amazing!  They understand.  They saw me at my worst and loved me anyway.  We are so blessed!  And I am overwhelmed with gladness that we can be so loved so quickly.

My children bless the socks off of me.  They are incredible kids and I don’t deserve them.


They are kind and good (as human goodness goes).  They are full of compassion and desire to serve others.  And they always forgive their over emotional crazy Momma.

Of course Shane.  It’s been hard and I have not been kind to him lately.   God knew I needed someone with more patience than Job and in the midst of his own pain he has tried valiantly help me through mine.

Independence Day is NEXT week!  Y’all we love it almost more than Christmas.  Shane’s smoked bbq.  Fireworks and water balloons.  And of course the annual reading of the Declaration of Independence.  This year our friends from St. Louis are once again able to join us and our fellowship is always sweet!

We’ve recently been blessed with an inexpensive camper.  It’s older  and needs a little work.  Mainly the roof around the skylight in the bathroom.   Wednesday when I took Isaac to his violin lesson, I found all sorts of great linens half price at the thrift store in bright fun colors to make a little oasis.  If you’re ever in Kansas City, look us up.  The place sleeps 4 and we’d love to have you.

We had a fantastically relaxing week in Knoxville last week.  We stayed in a lovely airbnb home close enough to everything and everyone we wanted to see.  We hit the $1 thrift stores and found some great items.  One day we drove up to Cades Cove with Dad and his wife and saw a bear cross the road 2 cars ahead of us.  Shane and I got 2 dates because Copper Cellar West ran out of prime rib the first night.  We scooted down to Campus where they don’t serve prime rib on Wednesday but it was burger night.  Half price burgers? Yes please!  Spinach Maria twice in one week?  Even more yes please!

This place with a clean slate.  I am excited.  I do hope in the near future to get my mojo back.  I do hope to try my hand at some fiction and poetry (I did dabble at poetry when I was much younger).

I won’t lie.  Right now I’m struggling with the death of almost 14 years at my blog home.  But I know there is a purpose.  I know God will use it for my good and His glory.  But sometimes even when surrender is necessary it is hard.  Especially in the beginning.  Please give me grace for a week or two.    In my good moments, I’m excited for what God is going to do.  And I believe this grief will be short lived.

But this I know.  Jesus loves me.  His gospel is for me.  I will rest in Him.  I am always, and I mean always better with Him than without Him.  He is my biggest blessing.

Romans 8:18-21

I consider that our present sufferings are not worth comparing with the glory that will be revealed in us. 19 For the creation waits in eager expectation for the children of God to be revealed. 20 For the creation was subjected to frustration, not by its own choice, but by the will of the one who subjected it, in hope 21 that[a] the creation itself will be liberated from its bondage to decay and brought into the freedom and glory of the children of God.

Let the games begin!  (We are at the playground afterall!)



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