Be Careful What You Speak

Our tongue is such a small part of our body, yet the Word likens it to a rudder on a ship.  Such a small part of our body and yet so powerful.

Our words can build up or tear down.

they can tell the truth or lie.

They can gossip and spread slander.

So what will our words speak?  Will they uplift or tear down?  Gossip or build up?  Spread slander or stay quiet? Lie or tell the truth, even when it’s hard?  There are so many problems that can come with the words we speak. When we use our words with care, we bring glory to God, And when we don’t use our words, we give God an opportunity to glorify himself.  The truth is we will all speak words that dishonor our Lord at times.  When we do what do we do?  Do we defend what we’ve said or do we humble ourselves, admit our sin and trust that God’s grace is sufficient?

The world is watching.  When we humble ourselves and admit our foolishness we give God the freedom to work in our hearts.  No, sometimes this isn’t easy.  Sometimes we hold fast to what is wrong because it’s too hard to think that God’s grace could be that big.  That God’s grace is enough. But it is.

It is sufficient for even a sinner as I.  The worst of sinners.  For we are all the worst of sinners.  Each of us without the other sent Jesus who knew no sin to be sin for us that we might be saved.   And through our humilty, God can be glorified and others can see Christ in us.

His grace IS sufficient!

Linking up with Kate and the gang.  Where we gather to write for 5 minutes (give or take) on her one word prompt.  This week’s prompt was SPEAK.








  • jjhil

    08/19/2017 at 11:01 am Reply

    Here’s a quote for my wall, and my desk, and my car, and my cell phone, and…

    “When we use our words with care, we bring glory to God, And when we don’t use our words, we give God an opportunity to glorify himself.”

    Thanks for the thought. (and thanks for your visit & comment)

  • Tara

    08/18/2017 at 4:29 pm Reply


  • Theresa Boedeker

    08/18/2017 at 10:18 am Reply

    So true, Christy. Our tongue is a rudder and directs us, and others, to good or evil. We need to be careful that we are steering our ship in the right direction. Towards the son.

  • Barbie

    08/18/2017 at 9:07 am Reply

    Words are so powerful. Linked up next to you at #6 this week.

  • Andrew Budek-Schmeisser

    08/18/2017 at 12:23 am Reply

    Beautifully said, Christy. We do dishonour God when we speak, so often…and then we dig the hole deeper by trying to defend.

    Lucky He has long arms, and He can reach further and faster than we can dig.

    #2 at FMF this week.

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