Are you a rock or a leaf?

Suffering is a part of the Christian life isn’t it? I hope this is not unknown or unexpected in your Christian life. I fear that we may know this in our head but when suffering comes we act as if it shouldn’t be happening.

Ouch! I admit I’m guilty of this.

Our pastor spoke this morning of this privilege to suffer for Christ. He went farther. He said that “suffering is a witness to the goodness of God.” He went on to say that suffering can be a part of the assurance of our salvation. God uses suffering to complete the work he has begun in us.

He then used an analogy that I believe will really stick with me and I want to share it and expand on what he said today.

He talked about the attributes of a rock compared to a leaf. A rock is solid. A rock doesn’t move by itself. It can handle an immense amount of pressure. When the rain comes it may erode over time But it won’t disintegrate. It may chip or crack under pressure but it will not blow away. I couldn’t help but think of the blog series Lesley did in October on the art of Kintsugi where broken vessels are repaired with gold and become more beautiful than they were before.

A leaf, on the other hand, is very fragile. The wind can blow a leaf back and forth and around in circles. Rain threatens destruction. Close your hands on a leaf and it will crumble easily.

There is no stability with a leaf but a rock is stable.

We can take comfort in our suffering because God with us is a rock. We don’t have to be tossed to and fro when the storms come. We can trust the Heavenly Father and know that our suffering is evidence of our salvation.

And yes Ryan, in the suffering is the witness to God’s goodness in our lives when we know Him as Savior.

I’m not sure I’ll see rocks and leaves the same after today. Will you?


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  • themomgene

    12/04/2017 at 10:22 am Reply

    I’m a leaf praying God will give me the rocky weight of His presence. : )

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