A Twofer: What I Learned in May Was A Treat

I’m linking up with MamaKat where two of the prompts were

2. Write a blog post inspired by the word: treat

4. Share something you learned in May

I decided to combine both.

May was a very sweet month for a Momma.  My oldest son and I boarded a bus headed toward Cleveland Tennessee to join nearly 900 people on a college campus for Teenpact Leadership Schools National Convention on May 21st.

I had no idea what I had gotten myself into.

The entire week was such a treat.  So many good things.  Hilarious skits that these kids wrote themselves.  A time of worship before every session led mostly by these amazing young people.  Probably close to 80 kids that ran for office in the Teenpact nation.  Some for President/Vice President, others for Senate and still others for Representatives.  Most had a message that they had given careful thought and prayer to and gave some thought provoking insights.

Sean McDowell schooled all of us by playing an atheist and allowing the audience to ask questions of him.  Many of these kids are debaters, so they fell right into the trap Mr. McDowell set.

And so did I!

When it was over, he reminded us that, like every human, even those that don’t believe have a soul and their soul is more important than winning the argument.


A young man that had received a Samaritans Shoebox as a child told us how his life was changed by one box.

Another young man, a former Teenpact kid shared that life does not always turn out the way you think it will.  But that God’s plan is better.

A young woman reminded us to embrace the trials of life instead of enduring them.

Stephen Kendrick producer of the Sherwood movies talked about how big our God is, and then he prayed a powerful prayer over our children.


Discussions with fellow parents over coffee or in the dining hall that encouraged and uplifted.

Hugs from kids when they found out I was “Isaac’s Mom.” And most stated “I just love him!”

I continue to be overwhelmed when I think about it.

The entire week was indescribable.

Some of us hurting and worshiping God with abandon. Arms raised high in praise to our Creator.  Others praising God because the ebb and flow of their life was on the mountain.

One of the biggest lessons I learned came from my own son who ran for Representative and won the first seat.

His message?

Burn your maps.

He explained that he thought he knew what his message should be, and was ready to announce it but before he did he got an impression that he should wait, so he did.  He waited.  And waited and waited.  Just as he was ready to pull out of the race God gave him the message.

Sometimes we’ve got our own way to do things and we think it’s the best way.  God’s map may take us a totally different direction.  We may not understand but we can trust his map.

As he answered questions in the forum, my Momma heart swelled.  When asked what his top 3 leadership characteristics were, his first was being a servant leader.

I don’t remember the other two.

That one was enough to bring me to tears.  This is what we, mainly my husband has modeled and taught our children. And, Isaac doesn’t just speak it, he lives it too.

When asked who his hero is, he stated his Grandpa Ivan because he always served others including his wife of more than 60 years without complaint, ever.

Yes, I learned so much that week in May. It was a wonderful treat and I can hardly wait for next year!

In His Grace,

BTW, I hope I look a little familiar.  Sadly, I have been stalked and falsely accused at my blog home of 13+ years.   I decided to hide all the posts and start new.   If the stalkers find me here,  they have way more time on their hands than I do and are more pitiful than I thought. 

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