2017 FMF Free Writes on Faith

This is my forth year linking up with the 31 day challenge.  No, not here at The Playground, at my former blog home. My efforts were slim last year but I did give it a try.  Because it’s a challenge, I’m guessing it counts.  I’m busy again this year, busier even if I can be. That’s  why, in part, I’ve decided to use the prompts at Five Minute Friday.

Write 31 Days prompts - 2017

I’ll use the prompts and write about things of Christian faith.  It’s a free writing exercise, so I’m not exactly sure where it’ll end up.  Except to say that I will tie each post to a hymn of the faith.  A hymn that has words of encouragement related to the post.  Sometimes I might add part of the story of the hymn, or something about the author, but my main goal for doing this is to remember some awesome hymns of the past.

I can be quite wordy, but am convinced that good writing involves fewer words with greater meaning.  I’m determined to pare my words down.   I think this challenge will be good for learning that skill.  I will do my very best to adhere to 5 minutes and in situations where I just can’t, I will mark my ending place.  I probably won’t go back to add pictures.  I might add a click to tweet or to quote Scripture.  Mostly I’m determined to go back to Lisa-Jo’s initial premise; set a timer and write for5 minutes, no edits, no re-writes and STOP when the timer goes off.  Short and sweet.

When the challenge begins, you’ll be able to click below for each day’s post.

I hope you enjoy!

1.worship  How We Worship Is Important/Holy Bible Book Divine

2. tell  It’s More Than “Getting Them Saved”/I Love to Tell the Story

3. create  He Creates Beautiful Things/Let the Beauty of Jesus Be Seen In Me

4. hope  What Gives Me Hope?/My Hope is Built on Nothing Less

5. trust  An Unpopular Truth/Trust and Obey

6. FMF prompt  Story  A Lost Art/I Love to Tell the Story–whoops I used that one twice!

7. hold  Hold To His Hand/Hold to God’s Unchanging Hand

8. truth  The Greatest Truth/Amazing Grace

9. plan  Because He Lives/Because He Lives

10. listen  We Don’t Understand/Love Lifted Me

11. remember  A Modern Day Babel/ Send the Light

12. write  Wonderful Words of Life

13. FMF prompt  Invite  Jesus Saves

14. try  Lord, ‘Tis Not that I did Choose Thee

15. remain  Abide With Me

16. read  Jesus Loves Us/Jesus Loves Me

17. grow  The Lifelong Process To Grow/O Thou Who Hears When Sinners Cry

18. share  Share as His Child/Turn Your Eyes Upon Jesus

19. brave Nothing to Dread/Leaning on the Everlasting Arm

20. FMF prompt  Discover  What Will We Discover?/ More About Jesus

21. give  whoops!  Missed a day 🙁

22. light   The Heavenly Sunlight of Jesus/ Walking in Sunlight

23. work  It Doesn’t Just Happen by Chance/Children of the Heavenly Father

24. revise  We are Dead Without Him/Revive Us Again

25. because  This is How We Roll/Swing Low Sweet Chariot

26. change  That Which Doesn’t Kill Us Makes Us Stronger/Breathe on Me, Breath of God

27. FMF prompt Overcome  If God is For Us/No Tears in Heaven

28. Connect  Connecting the Dots/What a Wonderful Change in my Life has been Wrought

29.  follow  I’ll Follow Him Where He Leads/Where He Leads I’ll Follow

30.  refine  He refines us/There’s not a friend like the lowly Jesus

31.  rest  Even in the Chaos There is Rest/Blessed Assurance